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11 Ocak 2022

Gülhane Training and Research Hospital

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General Dr.Tevfik Sağlam Cd. No:1 Etlik / Ankara 
Post Code: 06010

How to get to Gülhane Training and Research Hospital (Last Update 5 March 2020)

From Kızılay and Ulus (From Meşrutiyet Street):
You can take either state bus with route number 284 or private bus with route number 263 to Aşağı Eğlence - Etlik

From Esenboğa Airport:
You can get to Ulus or Kızılay with airport shuttle services (HAVAŞ) and take the busses above to Etlik.

From Bus Station (AŞTİ):
Take the ANKARAY metro line to Kızılay or Ulus and take the busses above,
As an alternative you can use shuttle services directly to Etlik from AŞTİ bus station.

From Rail Station:
You may take minibusses passes by to Etlik. Please note that there are many minibusses passing by rail station to different routes, you have to take the ones that goes to Etlik.
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